Advanced SEO Techniques

Advanced SEO Techniques

Advanced SEO Techniques

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Advanced SEO Techniques – The articles on the SEO optimization of the meta-tags abound on the net, but where are the articles for more advanced webmasters in the field of SEO? Optimize your meta-tags yes it’s important, but much less than creating quality content and developing SEO techniques that will allow you to have a real advantage over your competitors because innovative and little used. It is for this reason that in this article I suggest you discover 7 advanced SEO techniques that will possibly allow you to earn a few spots in the search engine results.

To overcome your competitors, you will have to learn some less conventional methods that I put at your disposal, to reference your website. What are his methods of which I speak? See for yourself below.

Technique # 1: Gain of links from “small competitors”

One of the SEO techniques that allows you to gain links (and that you should already know) is that of using Ahref to see 404 page and who created links to your competitor’s site so try to “steal” »Its better links. You should know that this technique is not very effective because your competitors will surely have anticipated the blow and will have protected themselves.

But have you ever tried to claim a link for your site to websites that are in 10th google page for the keyword on which you want to rank?

What you will notice is that sites in 10th or more google pages will be more open to offer you links. In addition, its sites generally have a clean link profile and are typically old domains that have not been updated for some time.

By offering them a link to you, you will therefore be more likely to get a positive response. You will also be more likely to get a yes if you offer sites at Page Rank less than 4 because there is a greater chance that it is an individual rather than a company that will look to have a higher Page Rank.

Technique # 2: Gifography

Infographics are no longer a novelty. They always work in terms of traffic, but not as much as before. A few years ago, it was enough to publish a graphic (as ugly as it is) to have hundreds of reactions on the social networks.

GifographyToday, it is necessary that a computer graphics has a visual identity worked and innovative content and unique for the least reaction from the social networks. The reason: computer graphics is now so widespread that it becomes commonplace and even sometimes deemed useless.

If you want to innovate and bring many visitors to your site, you will have to go through a small innovation: gifography. As the name suggests it is the same principle as a computer graphics, except that the content is animated in the form of GIF. Here are a few of them, it should be noted that some sites with few visitors have increased to 200,000 visits per month by adding a gifograph to one of their pages.

  • This is the case of the infografie below entitled “How a Car Engine Works” which attracted 350,000 visitors to the site in less than 30 days.
  • The number of visits is impressive considering the few usual readers of the site. This shows the appeal and potential of animated graphics (gifographies). Here is a second on the leopards.
  • The original page has more than 1700 natural backlinks.

Technique # 3: The “deep articles”

Google recently released a new updates where there are “deep article” questions: these would be articles that would validate certain google quality standards by their (long) content and use of certain attributes. They have to be articles where the visitor has the most chance to find an answer to his questions. Google generally puts them forward in its results. This page is a “deep page” (or in-depth in English).

A page lambda formatted in deep page attracts on average 13% of additional traffic. It is therefore a significant asset for your articles.

Advanced SEO Techniques – What does it take for google to classify your pages as “deep pages”?

  • Created unique content of good quality of at least 2000 words
  • Write on wide / recurring topics in your domain / niche.
  • Make sure your page meets the schema rules or use a suitable WordPress extension.

After these 3 short steps, you will have to wait approximately one month to see changes in your traffic from Google. If this is not the case, then your content is not considered significant by Google. For example, a page containing 1500 words is unlikely to be taken into account by google as a deep page. By adding 500 words to the same page to reach the 2000 words you will have much more chance that your page will bring you more traffic via the deep pages section of google.

Technique # 4: The theme of a site is the new Page Rank

In this interview, a former google employee who worked in the team of Matt Cutts, indicated that the theme of a site was the new Page Rank with regard to links pointing to a site. Google is getting stronger to catch referrers both Gray Hat and Black Hat that create unnatural links to their sites. And since the release of new algorithms or updates, such as Penguin specializes in detecting links that come from a site having a different theme than the site targeted.

Many webmasters have thought they could escape the dictatorship imposed by Google through Guest-Blogging or by buying site links having the same theme as theirs. The problem is that when Google looks at a link, it places it in the context of the AND site. As a result, a link from an article on SEO techniques on a SEO blog will be better seen by google than a link from the same article on SEO techniques placed on a kitchen site.

So if you want to win in position in search engine results, do not think about Page Rank or the amount of links that point to your site but to the quality of the links in question. By providing quality links and the same thematic as your site, you are more likely to get into the rankings and maintain them in the future.

Technique # 5: More Authors on Google+ Equals More Visits

When the Google authorship was new, it was up to 150% more visitors for a page. Now that everyone in his image next to his description in Google results, the traffic increases are less significant but remain a significant advantage. Currently, google shows only one image per person, if you have several authors working on your site, it is advantageous to put it in place to achieve the same result as the Geekwire site for this query. (see below)

This will not only increase your click rate but cala will also encourage sharing and tracking by registered visitors on social networks including google plus, which will boost your website in SERPS.

To benefit from several images in the SERPS, you must:

  • Add multiple authors to your site
  • Encourage your authors to share through their social networks (including google plus)

Technique # 6: Gain of links via Wikipedia

The hardest part when trying to create backlinks from dead links is to find pages to which many links point. One of the SEO techniques that I would like to introduce to you is to go through wikipedia to find these pages. For if a link of wikipedia points to a page, there is a good chance that many other sites also have links that point to this page.

So how do we find dead links on Wikipedia? Simply paste the following text into Google by editing the “insert keyword” part of your keyword. For the same result in French, you just have to replace Wikipedia with Wikipédia, l’encyclopédie libre and change dead-link by its French translation. insert keyword “dead link”

You will then have a list of wikipedia pages that have the same theme as your site and that have at least one dead link. Which you can benefit for your referencing Advanced SEO Techniques. On each Wikipedia article, you can search for the words “dead-link” on the page to find the dead link of the article.

WikipediaWhen Wikipedia indicates that a link is dead, it means Wikipedia is trying to replace this link at all costs. So you can check if the dead link pointed to a site with the same theme as yours.

You can see the topic of a page that is no longer online using the tool proposed by Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. If the topic of the page is the same as your site then use Ahref in order to see sites that point to the old page. It takes a minimum of 100 for the rest of the proposed SEO techniques to be effective.

If there are at least 100 links pointing to the page, you can undertake to send an email to all of the webmasters from whom the links originated to ask them to replace the old link with yours. This will work on average for 5 to 10 percent of cases only. If you choose a dead page that has only 10 URLs pointing to it, you will waste your time, enjoy pages that have as many backlinks as possible.

Once you have created the page of your site where you want to point the link wikipedia, you can click EDIT on Wikipedia to modify the URL of the dead link and have it pointed to your website. It is at this point that it seems logical to send a mail to the webmasters affected by this change by their URL pointing to the old page. You can use the following template for your posts.

Technique # 7: A video to increase the time visited by visitors?

Putting a full-length video article would allow visitors who would not wish to read the article to inquire about the topic of the article “without making any effort to Advanced SEO Techniques.” The concept is interesting both to summarize the article but also to bring in additional elements coming from other professionals in the field. You can enrich the content of your article and captivate the visitor for a maximum of time. A video would also be an easy way to increase the conversion rate of a page. The average of the additional conversions would be 7 per cent on average, which is not negligible. A high quality video will increase the conversion rate by 40 percent on average.

A good video is a video whose scenario is optimized in the following way.

  1. Start the video by presenting your company and what it produces.
  2. Explain the need to which your company responds
  3. Introduce your product, and explain how it is better than its competitors
  4. Use ways to put the viewer in confidence such as testimonials about the quality of your products.
Start the video by presenting your company and what it produces.

Conclusion – The SEO world has changed dramatically in recent years. Not so long ago, we could still perform in the results of search engines by cleaning up its code and creating some backlinks. Now you have to find advanced SEO techniques that your competitors do not know in order to have an advantage (without this do penalize by google which is not won in advance).

By being a little creative and following the rules imposed by Google, you can climb in the results of the engines over the long term.

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