PageSpeed Insights Optimization

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PageSpeed Insights Optimization

PageSpeed Insights Optimization

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PageSpeed Insights optimization – Making your website to be as fast as possible, is not only for user purposes, but Google highly appreciates that. The PageSpeed Insights Optimization by Google is a tool that locates all the factors which are responsible for bringing your website’s speed down, and we are more than capable of improving them.

PageSpeed Insights optimization, there are many areas in which a website needs to be improved, so us explain you the most common ones, so you can have an idea of what this PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service will provide you:

PageSpeed Insights Optimization



  • Critical Render Path
  • Server Response Time
  • Browser Caching
  • Minimize Redirects
  • Optimize CSS and javascript
  • Compression/Gzip
  • Bad Requests
  • Keep-Alive feature
  • Image Optimization
  • Web fonts
  • Videos

Why PageSpeed Insights Optimization is crucial for your Website?

First of all, you might think that taking care of the loading speed of a website is an easy task, but unfortunately it isn’t!

Nowadays, a website is not just a few pages with simple content and one or two images. Different platforms are being used for a Website creation (Such as WordPress), a very large number of plugins is required to optimize the SEO, Presentation, User-Interface, Sidebar configuration, Interlinking, Customizing Menus, Newsletter integration, Subscribers List, subscription forms and too many more features.

All the above things, needs to be loaded when a user visits your website, so the more you use, the more time they will consume to get loaded. With the PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service, not only you will be able to identify exactly what you are using, but we will be able to fix them and provide to your visitor an excellent browsing experience.

A website which has been through a PageSpeed Insights Optimization, not only will be appreciated by its visitors, but also Google recognizes it and rewards it with a better position to its Google Results.

So, not only a lightning fast website, but also an improvement to your website’s Google Rankings! Not bad right?

Let us explain you the most important factors of PageSpeed Insights Optimization service, so you know exactly in which areas we are focusing, and what results you will get for your website.


Critical Render Path

Google defines it as “the code and resources that are required to render the initial view of a web page”. Did not understand much? Let’s break this sentence word by word!

  • Critical / It is absolutely needed
  • Render / Show (When a page is rendered, it means that it is being seen by the visitor)
  • Path / All the chain of events that are being executed in order for a webpage to be displayed to a browser
  • Initial View / The part of a website which is visible to the user without scrolling

So, let us translate again to more human words of Google’s definition: Critical Render Path is the chain of events that are being executed in order for a user to see the “above the field” area of a webpage to a browser.

Server Response Time

Two actions are being calculated in order to get the Server Response Time:

When a web browser makes a request from your server, and when the web server responds to that request. The only way to improve the Server Response Time with the PageSpeed Insights Optimization service, is either to use your Host Server more efficiently or upgrade to a better hosting and hardware. Our job will be to inform you if you are fully use the features of your web hosting or if you need to proceed with an upgrade.

Browser Caching

In simple words, the Browser Caching is what your browser can remember. Visiting a place too many times (In real life), does not require you to get familiarize with it every time you visit it, you just remember it! The same thing applies for the browsers, and this is what we can enable for your website with our PageSpeed Insights Optimization service.

Minimize Redirects

Sometimes, using redirects makes your life much easier, but Google does not like it very much. They think that it affects the user experience, and for that they will penaltise your website.

Imagine asking for direction for a street and when you get there, there is a big sign that inform you that this street is now closed and you need to find it elsewhere. This is (kind of) how redirections work, which makes your website slower!

PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service is able to locate all the redirection you use, and only keep the ones that you really need!

Image Optimization

This is something very straight-forward, because large images need more time to load, so your website’s speed is crippled! It is important to use correct dimensions to your images and ALWAYS compress them. Our PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service includes the image optimization, which will help you to improve the speed of your website with quick and visible results!

Summing Up the PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service. There are much more features in the PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service, so we are open to a PageSpeed Insights Audit for your website.

We will explain you about the situation of your website, which task are crucial and need to be taken care immediately and what benefits your website will have after completing our PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service.

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