WordPress Security Tips

21 Aug, 2017
4:55 am

WordPress Security Tips That Actually Work In 2017 WordPress Security Tips – In today’s digital world having a website is essential for every business, no matter of the field. A positive add on to that is the fact that creating a website has never been…

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WordPress two-factor authentication

20 Aug, 2017
8:44 pm

WordPress two-factor authentication – What is WordPress Two-Factor Authentication? WordPress two-factor authentication (or WordPress 2-step verification) adds an important extra layer of protection to your WordPress site’s login and admin area by requiring 1) a password and 2) a secondary time-sensitive code to login. How…

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SEO Guide

17 Aug, 2017
5:04 am

SEO Guide, Indexing and Ranking – Technical SEO can often be brushed aside a bit too easily in favour of things like content creation, social media and link building. However I’ve always believed that there are many opportunities for increasing traffic by looking inwards rather…